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Didn't they do a head count? Maybe. While they insisted that a head count had been done, we maintain that head counts are not enough. At the very least, a roll call should be taken to assure that everyone is back on the boat. The crew must be alert and familiar enough with their passengers to not be fooled by one person answering for someone else. The better solution is to use DAN's CBID boards.
What did you do when you realized that the boat had left you? We made a surface swim to a 36 foot light tower in the center of the site. The tower was placed there to warn passing vessles of the shallow conditions. We managed to tie up our equipment and climb onto the tower.
Didn't anyone on the boat notice you were missing? No. Even though we had assisted divers on either side of us with equipment and questions, no one noticed that we did not get back on the boat. One possible reason for this is that the weather had picked up considerably and it was a rough ride back in the rain.
Didn't anyone back on land notice that you didn't return? No. Even though our equipment bags and unused second tanks were left on the boat, no one noticed. Because of the rain, the boat was not cleaned that day. Because of bad weather the next day, the boat didn't go out.
Had you rented any equipment? Yes. We were traveling 'light'. So, we had rented BCs from the dive operator. When the equipment was not returned, the manager of the shop called and left a message on our home phone, in California, asking that we return it.
Were you afraid? At first, we were mad. It seemed like such a simple thing to get everyone back on a boat. It was so careless for them to endanger our lives this way. As it began to get dark, we realized that we would be there for the night. We tried to remain calm and to keep our wits about us. We knew that lack of drinking water would be our first real concern.
What was the weather like? As soon as we got up on the tower, the winds picked up to 25 knots and stayed that way the entire time. There was some rain the following day.
What was it like on the tower at night? Cold and windy. However, it was a spectacular night with an large moon that, somehow, didn't block out the stars. We told time by the stars, as we passed the sleepless night trying to stay as warm as we could.

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